United Arab Emirates is a majority Muslim country in which Sharia Law (Islamic religious law) is the source of law.

It is forbidden to drive a car under influence of alcohol. Also drinking alcohol in public places and staying in public places under influence of alcohol is not allowed and you may be fined or detained.

It is forbidden to take pictures of anyone, women in particular, without prior permission.

It is not advisable to visit a mosque as non-Muslim.

There are some mosques welcoming visitors, the most famous of which is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, but the right outfit is required.

Ladies: headscarf; long trousers or skirts and long sleeves. Clothing should be not transparent and revealing. Please note: It is not possible to borrow an outfit on the spot if accompanied by a tour guide.

Gentlemen: long trousers, shirt with covered shoulders. There must be no images of people and animals on the clothes.

Children under the age of 10 years dress freely.


The UAE is relative liberal about the dress-code in relation to tourists, but in every public place and mall you will find a sign with a request to respect local customs and not wearing shorts or short skirts and blouses with bare shoulders or backs.

Although the outside temperatures are high, inside most buildings are air conditioned and it can be cooled down to 18- 20 ° C.


The United Arab Emirates are among the hottest countries in the world.

The average summer temperature (June-July-August-September) in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is around 42°C! Added to this is the very high humidity that makes the heat even less bearable.

Winter is cooler but short in duration (January – February). The daytime temperature in Dubai is around 25°C, and at night it drops to around 14 ° C. It is colder in the desert (about 5°C at night).

Rainfall in Dubai occurs mainly in the winter period from December to March.

The best time to travel to the United Arab Emirates is from November to April, when temperatures range between 25 and 35°C. In October and May, temperatures can reach 40°C.


The United Arab Emirates are among the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. Thefts are extremely rare.

The UAE area is free of special sanitary and epidemiological risks. No vaccinations are required.

Water from all municipal waterworks comes from desalination and treated for drinking. It is recommended to drink water after boiling or mineral water.